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"This guide wraps everything a Pet Parent needs to know about their dog into something you can binge in a day."

- Janet Sire. Pet Parent


"I never realized how many mistakes I was making with my dogs until I went through this guide. My only regret is not starting sooner."

- Max Davis. Pet Parent


"My S/O and I almost broke up over our dog's behavioral issues. This guide gave our dog AND our relationship a second chance at success."

- Charlotte Tuly. Pet Parent

Pet Parents' Guide To Success!

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    • Parent Fundamentals in animal communication, tone, timing, rewards, corrections, and much more! ($500 Value)
    • Learn how to analyze body language, engagement, and confusion in your dog ($300 Value)
    • Create a calm, loose-leash walk with your dog around quiet and distraction-filled environments ($450 Value)
    • Learn how to break down and teach over 12 obedience commands while learning the foundation to teach your dog any command or trick in the book ($1,200 Value)
    • Understand why positive or negative behaviors occur and how you can modify them ($650 value)
    • Learn how to read stress signals, triggers, and hormonal changes in your dog ($850 value)
    • Learn the difference between reactivity, insecurity, anxiety, aggression, and more ($1,200 value) 
    • Learn how to create a positive association with any new home or outdoor environment ($500 value)
    • Learn how to use the E-Collar in a positive way to create a reliable communication channel in any off-leash setting ($2,000 value)
    • Learn how to implement essential pet care processes to keep your dog happy and healthy long into the future ($500 value)

    Total Value: $7,500  Only $99

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80+ Lessons In Only 8 Hours

You can spend countless hours and dollars searching for solutions to a happier dog. Or you can learn it all at home, from the most experienced trainers in the world.

Learn how to teach your dog over a dozen commands, behaviors, patterns, and more!
Learn how to stop inappropriate behaviors, reinforce positive ones, and improve communication overall.
Learn how to properly condition your dog to your home environment, schedules, and expectations.
Learn essential Pet Care habits you can implement to ensure your dog lives a long, healthy life!
Walk through simple processes and structures to create a positive experience when introducing your dog to new people and other dogs.
Learn how to create a reliable OFF-LEASH recall, outdoor walk, and noteworthy obedience by using an E-Collar in a positive way!


and much much more...

 Melanie K. - Pet Parent

Our little schnauzer, Kenai, is a totally different dog after this program. We were seriously considering giving her to someone who wants an active dog. Now, she is FANTASTIC!!! We are so happy we have our other little dog going through the program. Thank you…

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Sandy G. - Pet Parent

If you’re looking for trust in training, Partners is for you and your fur-baby. They are passionate about your dog’s well-being, training your pup and training the owners. The key component to success is that the owner continues to train with their pup every day. It’s been an awesome experience for my Louise and me!

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Learn the methods that WORK with every breed, age, personality, and behavior.

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Lessons covering fundamentals, leash etiquette, behavioral principles, at-home protocols, and every other step to a well-behaved dog!

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